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The notion of speed is being able to observe it, listen to it, change it. It is not a factor of going fast, or slow, but to move through life more deliberately. It allows you to consider different approaches to situations personally, and as a leader. You are able to think about what your situation calls for, versus reacting, speeding through it, or being victim to it.

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Last year while in Mexico (oh how nice that sounds right now), I was exploring and came across this tiny little outdoor restaurant with the entry way that had the...

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Feeling Thankful

Feeling Thankful I took this photo last year in Mexico. It reminds me that I am eternally thankful for the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the...

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Conscious Leadership Comes From Within

Conscious leadership comes from within I believe that every person has the potential to create a story of transformation that’s so great, it serves as an inspiration and model for...

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What Is Happiness?

What Is Happiness? What is happiness? From the beginning of time, I have always been curious about what makes me, (or one) happy, and have done a lot of research...

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Inspired by Stillness

Inspired By Stillness Life is full of infinite opportunities and if you are still, you are able to see, and take ahold of them. I am spending the month of...

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Change Is a Constant

Change is a constant. Especially during these uncertain times. Job loss is the new norm. Resilience is what keeps us going. Reinventing ourselves and trusting that every situation there is...

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