Drive Your Career Direction

Drive Your Career Direction

Lead Consciously

Lead Consciously

Work Effectively From Anywhere

Work Effectively From Anywhere

Step Forward With Confidence

Step Forward With Confidence

Reorient Mindset

Reorient Mindset

Align Work & Purpose

Align Work & Purpose

Unstick big challenges. Transform your Career. Lead consciously. The future of Why and how we work, is now. Humanity is a strategic advantage.

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Facets Coaching Works With Individuals Who...

Desire to develop the mindset necessary for growth and resilience to navigate change with ease and confidence.

Develop the awareness and skills to be highly effective, conscious leaders who lead with empathy and humanity.

Collaborate and communicate intentionally, and effectively while working remotely, or running a virtual team in our new normal.

Want to find clarity and confidence to transition into the next chapter of their life, and career that holds meaning and purpose.

Develop the self-awareness and “soft-skills” to build healthy, trusted relationships.

And organizations that
want to…

  • Develop inspirational and conscious leaders and want to bring humanity back into business.
  • Build purpose-driven, diverse, and inclusive cultures.
  • Manage a remote team and build synergy, accountability and collaboration.
  • Create community, and get individuals, groups to drive toward positive, sustainable change.
  • Develop culture based on trust where everyone feels seen and heard, valued, and people communicate with transparency, empathy and compassion. 

THERE IS Infinite Possibility. IN OUR NEW NORMAL.

In these paradigm shifting times, it’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ in old patterns, or situations. If you’re feeling self-doubt, lack of clarity, fear and anxiety, and you’re not sure why your career, and life are stalled, or your organization you lead is not built on trust or accountability, then it is time to PAUSE. Reset. Reorient. Reinvent and Disrupt so we can create a new identify and reality, with infinite possibility. We all need tools to help us find our way — As leaders, or aspiring leaders, in your own life, or career, we won’t get very far if we don’t stop, go deep within, create consciousness to unblock limiting beliefs, and then develop a plan for how to get from here, to there.

The coaching programs are intended for individual contributors, managers, and leaders across a variety of roles, industries and disciplines. Whether in technology or education, marketing, finance, or healthcare, you are “human” and on the same playing field when we address and focus on universal topics such as self awareness, interpersonal skills necessary, and defining success in a way that allows for a purpose-driven life, and career, that you make a positive impact in the world. When you work with Facets, you begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent capabilities. You receive the tools to release the past, create beneficial habits that create deep behavioral change, and are fully supported along the way. We address challenges such as job transition, managing through organizational change. Or areas to develop such as interpersonal and communication skills, navigating obstacles with a resilient mindset, giving and receiving feedback effectively, motivating and inspiring others, building confidence in self, and trust with others, effective prioritization, as well as identifying and leveraging passion, purpose and strengths to be successful in career and life.

As Rachel Salzberg, CEO of Facets Coaching, found her own path working in corporations over the past 20 years, and went from self-doubt, lack of purpose and drive, to creating a life and career of passion, purpose, joy, satisfaction, success and freedom, she became deeply curious about the unique facets, and attributes of happy and successful people and conscious leaders. Rachel has worked with 100’s of inspirational, passionate people, and who changed their lives and careers, and they all have something in common: They ask for support, they have the courage to go within, create awareness, and create a discipline to develop a resilient mindset. They discovered, and defined whom they are, what they love, and then masterfully wove those elements into every facet of their lives, to live more soulfully, and lead more meaningfully. 


…that you lived your daily life consciously, centered, resilient, and confident to navigate change and uncertainty.

…that you felt a meaningful, purposeful, and mission-driven connection to your life and work, every day.

…that you had the clarity, and confidence to take actions that were so completely aligned with your purpose, values, and natural strengths that you serve as an inspiration and model to your family, community, and organization? 


to develop an unshakeable, resilient mindset in order to navigate change and uncertainty with confidence and ease?

…move from feeling stuck, burned out, and overwhelmed to feeling energetic and focused and thriving?

…gain clarity abut what’s next for you personally, and professionally and have a map to get there?

… lead more purposefully and consciously, creating a culture based on trust and ownership?

Facets Coaching MISSION

Rachel Salzberg, CEO and owner of Facets Coaching believes that every person has the potential to create a story of transformation that’s so great, it serves as an inspiration and model for community, and the world. Conscious leadership comes from within. Rachel coaches entrepreneurs, individuals and leaders to develop a resilient mindset, discover their WHY, which is their “soul purpose”, and build the confidence to take action in career, or transition. These facets help people to cope with rapid shifts in an ever-changing world. One must show up authentically, be quick to respond, and make aligned decisions. The balance between strategy and soul, clarity and creativity, head and heart, are what create positive change. Many people and organizations are leading to record levels of workplace loneliness, depression, anxiety, and burnout. In a world with increasing complexity, volatility, uncertainty, and record change, things are only getting more difficult. We all have the responsibility to redefine ourselves and our mindsets, our careers, what  leadership is, creating work a place for growth and thriving.


The stories we tell ourselves can shape our beliefs, identities, dreams, and experiences, and set the parameters for what we can achieve, positively, or negatively. If your self talk (internal programming) is overly influenced by external situations or people, such as other’s opinions or societal pressures, then you limit what’s possible yourself. Instead of taking action, you remain unconscious, reactive, or paralyzed. You may tell yourself things like, it’s too risky, or I’m not smart enough. Instead of striving for the career or role, you may think, I’m not qualified, I could never do that. If left unexamined, these stories can feel real, true, and keep you stuck and unhappy in life, and career.

We all have the ability — and the responsibility — to disrupt these negative thoughts and stories (an old paradigm) and create new ones, that are based on new belief systems that change our behaviors. Our success depends on it, but also how we impact and inspire others to do this same. This takes intention, awareness and discipline, every day to shift our thoughts into new behavioral patterns so we can create the life, and career we desire. You don’t have to go it alone. 


Rachel has created a methodology and platform for people to develop the unshakeable mindset for resilience and growth, define their values and purpose, and to build the confidence to take action to lead more consciously, and work more intentionally. She is passionate about neuroscience and brings science-based, performance-focused mindfulness into the mainstream of business. She helps people to develop the “soft-skills” necessary to redefine success and to design the life, and career they desire. Living and leading more consciously, brings humanity into business, making for inclusive, and diverse environments. Change is inevitable, thriving is a choice.

Through this knowledge, being a life-long learner, and passion and discipline, Rachel has created a platform for her coaching, leadership development programs, workshops, and retreats. The framework makes way for sustainable, positive change. Rachel has worked with 100’s of people in companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and many small, to medium size companies, nationally.


“When you can arrive at the point where looking and listening comes from your entire being, you are setting the stage to be an inspiring leader.”

― Deepak Chopra