Redefine Success Based on Your Essence

I was talking with a client and friend of mine the other day, a VP who has lead a prestigious career, and he was asking questions like:

• Where do I want to be?
• Are my accomplishments only about my career?
• What is my “personhood”?
• How do I walk through this world?
• Am I far enough along?
• What do I do next?
• What is my identity outside of work?
• Why do I feel empty and overwhelmed?
• How do I feel grounded and centered?

To answer these questions takes intention and discipline that evoke a “stroke of insight” and clarity. With daily visualization, gratitude, exercise, quieting the mind with a guided structure, you begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent gifts and talents. You begin to release old belief systems and patterns of thought, create beneficial habits that change your brain to think and BE positive. You develop a mindset that helps you get clear on your purpose, and the confidence to take inspired action to be your best self.

Redefine success based on the essence of whom you are, and learn how to shift your mindset to get you there.