Slowing Down Is a Superpower, Not a Weakness

I took this photo last year, as I strolled on a beach and happened to look down to see this rock, in the midst of sand, and many other rocks. I was reminded of the importance of self care, especially as workplaces, and the world has opened back up, and there continues to be a lot of uncertainty in how we navigate and “be” in the world. As we reflect on patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us, and how we we can chose to let go of ways of being that contributed to burnout and exhaustion, and paradigms we have been “used” to operating in, I became really clear that slowing down is a superpower, not a weakness. When we take time to slow down, we are able to gain insights and clarity, while tuning out the noise. It reminds me that nature, just as humans are resilient, and if we create the right environment and built-in propensity for growth, we create the conditions to thrive. 

Feeling creative, and focused is difficult when we are reacting to day-to-day tasks, and requests. We miss what’s truly important and take actions that are driven by a false sense of urgency, either created by ourselves, or others.  Prioritizing our “big rocks” (self-care, meditation, time in nature, exercise, expressing gratitude, and being of service, brings us a sense of renewal and clarity, just as I noticed the rock on the beach, in the midst of many other potential distractions. Viewing our priorities from this vantage point, enables us to work with more ease, engagement, inspiration, and have a higher impact, personally and professionally.  

When I am feeling off balance, exhausted, or overwhelmed, I ask myself these questions:

– Do I feel confused about what’s truly important, and do things out of guilt, obligation, or just habit?
– Is the quality of my work suffering?
– Am I afraid to set boundaries, and ask for what I need?
– Do I find myself resenting others?
– Do I struggle to take time for myself, and do the things that make me happy?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to take a step back and reset your priorities. Bringing back what we value most in this world, takes courage to set boundaries, and the discipline for self-care. Doing this is critical for happiness, and the impact we have on our work, our relationships, and the world. I leverage my support systems, and coaches to help me identify belief systems and paradigms that no longer serve me, that keep me from prioritizing effectively, and also to keep me accountable to follow through on a discipline that supports me, mentally and physically to shine. I would love to share my approach.