Developing Confidence to BE YOU

Developing Confidence and Trust in Yourself

Do you constantly worry about what others think, even though you know deep down what is right for you?  Confidence and trust are the core foundations of any relationship—especially the one you have with yourself. Part of building confidence and trust in yourself is being honest about your strengths and what you truly want in life and work, regardless of what others think of your decisions. In this workshop, you’ll take an honest look at what it means to live authentically, identify belief systems that create insecurity and fear and build the skills required to rise up to your full potential.

Developing core confidence is also about being knowing and being deeply connected to your purpose, core values, and gifts. This provides you with a sense of self—soul— that no one take away. When you come to know who you are and what you truly want, paralysis turns to effortless action, and confusion gives way to greater clarity to move forward with courage and confidence in your life and career. Success becomes something that you define for yourself rather than something society imposes on you. You will know and feel your self-worth independent of people and situations In this workshop, you’ll identify your strengths, values, and purpose, and explore how to use this foundation to develop the core confidence needed to live life joyfully, and authentically.


…that you lived your daily life centered, resilient, and confident to navigate change and uncertainty.

…that you felt confident and clear-minded to live out your purpose and values in life and work, everyday.

…that you felt confident to speak up in what you believe in, and set boundaries in order to take care of yourself.

…that you had the clarity and confidence to take actions that were so completely aligned with your purpose, values, and natural strengths that you serve as an inspiration and model to your family, community and organization.



Within this framework we will will lead you on a journey to take off the mask, discover your core confidence, and help you will realize your true potential, your best self, and develop the courage to BE YOU. You will:

…move from feeling self doubt, worry and fear to feeling confident, energetic and focused.

…gain clarity about what’s next for you personally, and professionally and have a map to get there.

…lead more confidently, purposefully, and consciously, creating a culture based on trust and accountability. 

…take courage action in your life, and be confident independent of people and situations.


…move away from seeking approval to doing what is right for you.


If you or your organization would like to schedule or customize a workshop, then click on the link below.

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