The Notion of Speed is Being Able to Observe it, Listen to it, and Change it

  • Do you find yourself running from one to thing to the next and reacting to what comes at you?

  • Do you find yourself edgy, “off”, feel anxiety but you cannot put a finger on it?

  • Do you feel stuck in your relationships, personally or professionally and repeat similar patterns of inner, or outer conflict?

It is important in life to take time out to slow down, be present, and be open to new ways of being, and doing. I took this photo on one of my favorite roads in the world, recently when I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and felt “off”. I knew it was a result of going through some major life changes all at once (selling our condo, buying land, planning to build a home, totaling a car, running a business, supporting my partner through all of this while he runs his start up, all in the midst of the pandemic). I realized I was running ragged and had lost touch with myself, and was depleted. Although most everything needed to happen, I was aware that I needed time to pause, reflect, and get really honest with myself about how I was feeling, and time to process all the change, versus trying to push forward at the speed of which we had been going. The fact that I felt off center, I knew I needed to slow down, regroup, despite the obligations that were still on my plate. 

I can now look at this photo, and visualize and feel the peace as a reminder that in life we must clear our plates, get into nature, and reflect on our feelings so we can move forward with clarity, and intention in order to make proactive and healthy decisions for ourselves, and others. By letting go, setting boundaries and taking time to slow down the speed, and processing feelings governed by guilt, fear, and obligation, I was able to create new thought patterns that were based on self-love and care for myself.  I was able to ReSurge with energy, inspiration, and a new sense of hope, positivity, and clarity for all that needed to be done productively, and effectively. When we do this, we are able to see what was not visible before, and ReSurge with the fire and energy needed to sustain ourselves, our families, and our lives. We can take a different approach with true observation, versus reaction, so we can focus on the right priorities. 

The notion of speed is being able to observe it, listen to it, change it. It is not a factor of going fast, or slowbut to move through life more deliberately. It allows you to consider different approaches to situations personally, and as a leader. You are able to think about what your situation calls for, versus reacting, speeding through it, or being victim to it.

Our feelings are guidance to whether we are in alignment experiencing ease and flow,  joy, purpose, freedom in our lives, and relationships. When we are experiencing that “edge”, or feeling “off”, anxiety ridden, or stuck, then it is time to take a step back and ask ourselves WHY. What are you thinking that elicits these negative feelings? It becomes very simple when we realize whenever we feel bad, there is a thought pattern or belief system that is untrue. It is our opportunity to process and surrender the feeling, and let go of the thought that supports it. Then we can create a new belief system that colors our perception in life and how we move through it. When we surrender to this practice of letting go of negative patterns, we experience inner peace, love, and have compassion and empathy for ourselves, and others. We can become clear on what makes us happy, what moves us, which helps to clarify our purpose, and inspires us to take intentional action to change for the better, personally and professionally. 

These are some questions to consider asking yourself when you take the time to pause. They can help guide you to better choices and move through life with more ease and harmony:

  • • Am I doing things to distract myself from slowing down by being “productive”
  • • Am I afraid of what I might find or feel?
  • • Where are my opportunities to grow and learn? 
  • • What feelings can I process, and let go of, and turn into a positive focus on feelings that make you feel good?
  • • What I am doing, or thinking in these situations?
  • • Is this a similar feeling, trigger or default that comes up for me in the presence of certain types of situations or people? 
  • • Do I feel overwhelmed, frozen, or stuck? What can I let go of? 
  • • What choices can I make in letting go of beliefs that create guilt, obligation, and fear? 

When we answer these questions for ourselves, we can change our approach to how we feel and will move through life with more clarity, freedom, and flow. We then change our lens on the notion of speed, and can make choices in times to accelerate and execute, and times to slow down. You reprogram your mind, which informs your brain to move through life differently. You will feel, BE and move differently in life, and are flexible in situations while taking care yourself, in turn taking care of others. Taking time for you to slow down is not selfish, it is selfless, and you are able to make a positive impact in the world.