2020. A ++++ year... Reflections and Learnings.

Time to step forward, believe stronger, and move bolder in 2021. 

This year has been… full, to say the least. Overflowing with tensions and unrest, uncertainty and challenges. For some this year may have been your hardest yet or, it may have been a welcomed relief, back to simplicity, spending time with family, doing creative endeavors, clearing out, savoring no commute, and more focused time to work. Maybe it felt like a time to reset, gain new perspective on those things we all assumed were set in stone.

For me this year has been one of the most transformative of my life. This time has forced me to go within, deeply reflect, understand my strength and capacity to develop resilience, and become aware of limiting beliefs that have held me back about myself, and what I can achieve. Additionally, this time has created a lot of perspective in my life and reminded me that now is the time to be more intentional to live out a life, and career aligned with purpose and values. I was able to take stock in areas that I have wanted to go, but either did not create time for, or was afraid of. As a result, I was able to get clear, move forward with confidence, and take action on HOW I want to continue to live, and work. These are pillars through which I can realize my potential; Coaching and developing conscious leaders to develop a resilient mindset to navigate this uncertainty with more clarity, confidence and ease; rebranding and development of a new website based on the new normal and how I have evolved, grown as a coach over the past 11 years; development of The ReSoul Revolution podcast series giving people a platform and a voice to share stories of resilience to inspire and help others; new workshop offerings that take into consideration working, leading, and living in our new paradigm; writing articles about conscious leadership with learnings and tools to thrive in our new normal. See below for more information. I am amazed and proud of what I have been able to accomplish. The best gift you can give yourself is investment in your own growth, personally and professionally.

I would not have done this without going through this experience with the pandemic, and even getting what we think was COVID in early March. The few weeks of forced rest due to all of the classic systems and the couple of months of getting back to my “normal” physical strength, made me slow down, reflect, and decide how I wanted to live my life, my goals, and what I wanted to achieve, despite the fear, worry, and self-doubt that I would not succeed. The past year has allowed me to focus, create a discipline to develop a resilient mindset, and savor the simplicity of being at home without distraction to focus on myself, my work, and family. I have absolutely loved connecting with friends and clients and learning how each person has dealt differently, and sharing and inspiring each other to keep moving forward with all of our learnings, which inspired the ReSoul Revolution podcast seriesAt the end of the day, success and conscious leadership comes from taking care of your mindset, learning, and believing in yourself and your worth. It’s also about aligning with your purpose and carrying them out in life and career, and loving yourself through self-care. It’s about being bolder, believing stronger, and stepping forward with confidence.

However you experienced 2020, all of us are ready to put this year to rest, and take stock on what we have learned, new perspectives gained, and what we want to let go of. To take all we have experienced and transform it into better ways to be — wiser, shifting into a new paradigm of how we “BE”, live, and work.

We can collectively acknowledge and integrate the profound lessons 2020 has demanded of us, and consciously recreate our lives and our world to be intentional, purposeful, resilient and more joyful than before.

When we create the time, and commit to reflect and document what we have learned, we can release old, sometimes stuck, or toxic ways of relating to ourselves and others. When we are able to let go of limiting narratives that no longer serve us both individually, and collectively — then we are able to allow the profound possibilities that await us in 2021 and beyond.

Together we’ll bring 2020 to conscious completion by engaging in practices of gratitude, reflection, and appreciation, (re)alignment to ourselves personally and professionally.

You don’t have to go it alone, and with structure, accountability, a partner, and framework, we can explore:

  • • The critical keys to consciously complete any difficult or challenging experience by using what we’ve learned to up-level every aspect of life moving forward with confidence, believing in yourself, and taking bolder action

  • • The tools and framework to transform your traumas into triumphs, and your darkest nights into learnings, growth and resilience in order to reap the rewards of greater happiness and life and career in 2021

  • • How to release fears and limiting beliefs in order to make amends to yourself in ways that bring completion, and awaken your inner power you hold to cause renewal and recreation, and direction aligned with your values, purpose, talents and gifts

  • • How to align, and realize your highest potential that is within your reach and discover the practices and disciplines to develop a resilient mindset so that can help you realize these possibilities

Let’s harvest the silver linings of 2020 — the deepening of kindness, compassion, wisdom, resilience, and growth move forward with courage and vision. I’ll help you release the instability of 2020 and anchor your internal consciousness with what you’re now up to creating for yourself and others in the coming year — as you rise from the breakdowns that we have experienced, and bring all the wisdom gained, and a renewed and expanded capacity to create a new reality in life and career. It’s The ReSoul Revolution. ReSoul and ReSurge.

Join me to thank 2020 — and to bring it to conscious completion so that we are liberated to step forward, believe stronger, and move bolder in, our lives and careers in this upcoming new year.

Cheers to love, happiness, consciousness, and a new paradigm in the New Year.

Facets Coaching Website

Rebranding and development of a new website based on the new normal, and how I have evolved, grown as a coach over the past 11 years.

The Resoul Revolution

Development of The ReSoul Revolution Podcast series is a platform, and voice for people to share their stories of adversities, how they overcame them, and found purpose through their experiences.  By sharing stories of transformation, we create a movement that permeates and inspires others to do the same, and we are able to connect as human beings. Stay tuned for the next 4 episodes on your favorite podcast platform, and on the ReSoul Revolution Podcast Channel.

Workshops & Retreats

New workshop offerings that take into consideration working, leading, and living in our new paradigm: Workshop & Retreats Overview


Writing, writing, writing! See articles and learnings of mine this past year: Articles