Let 2022 Be The Time To Create Your Own ReSoul Revolution™ And Create A New Path HOME

I am honored and humbled to write to you and help kick off 2022 through the lens of coming home to self. Snuggle in, find a nice cup of tea, and take some time to read about how we can individually, and collectively, find our path home to ourselves by setting some intentions, asking questions, and using some tools to create the foundation for a new and improved home.

It is vital to see each day as an opportunity to come home to yourself through intentional moments of reflection in order to RISE UP, and ReClaim your inner power, your internal HOME, or sanctuary. 

We often think of home as a physical structure outside of self, but our true home is always within. It is a great reminder that we are in choice to come home at each moment, even when we feel paralyzed in an emotional spiral, consumed with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, fear, or when we find ourselves in situations that knock us off balance, losing our self confidence. Yet, we can use these periods of “dis-ease” to find glimmers of hope, rise up, with more clarity and confidence than ever before. It is an opportunity to develop the tools, and seek the support necessary to let go of negative thought patterns, in order to develop the resilience and the strength to find our north star, carve out a new path to set the foundation for the future self, and home within. Let your wishes of 2022 help to guide you home. Your thoughts steer the ship of your desires, and to be super diligent to clean up, and interrupt negative thought patterns with intentional, and simple practices everyday. No matter where you’ve been,” or how challenging your circumstances, right here and now is all that matters.

Let 2022 Be a Time For Your Own Revolution By:

  • • ReCalibrating nervous system with new patterns of thinking focusing on clean, positive words 
  • • ReOrienting your mindset with gratitude and self-acceptance
  • • ReAwakening your desires that have gone dormant by bringing more joy and purpose into your life
  • • ReClaiming your freedom by setting boundaries and doing what makes you happy

2020-2021 has truly pushed the boundaries of what I consider home. It has been a year of big transitions for me, in great, and not so easy ways.  But it hasn’t changed why I love the work I do and the deep passion for helping others with their own ReSoul Revolution ™  through coaching people to develop a resilient mindset, find and articulate their purpose, and to develop the confidence to take inspired action, individually and collectively. I am grateful for my colleagues, clients, and the continued growth that I can share, through my own self-revolution.

It has been through my own experiences, especially this past year, of getting off my path, experiencing self-doubt, fear, overwhelm, and anxiety.  I underestimated the add up of events, even if positive and exciting change, was also too much all at once and impacted my mental well-being, and ability to be my best self. The passing of my father, moving to another state, starting the build of our new home, starting from scratch and building an entirely new community sparked some deep reflection: My (our) mortality, what it means to truly slow down, accepting and being kind to self, setting boundaries, finding balance, and literally, and figuratively building a new foundation for my thoughts and feelings that bring forth self confidence and empowerment. Through these life events, I recognized that I fell off my path, and gracefully allowed my humanness to be signals for opportunities to make some shifts with small, incremental steps to create a new self-revolution and rebuild a foundation that is even more solid for a home within. Like many of us, we are feeling fatigued by the pandemic, and our sense of safety in question. 

Finding my path, meant creating the TIME for self-reflection in order to gain the self- awareness around my self-talk. This allowed me to be more aware and intentional about “cleaning up” my words and thoughts, and old programming that no longer serves me. Creating a new and improved daily discipline to shift my mindset was the foundation to rebuild. Developing new habits that incorporated consistently finding three things that I am grateful for each day, celebrating little victories, setting aside time for reflection and writing, getting back into yoga, spending time on my own, practicing quieting the mind and finding peace within through visualization and meditation, finding joy in the small incremental moments, seeking out inspirational books, and quotes, and spending more time in nature, and less time doing things out of obligation, and doing more things that give me joy were some small changes that helped me get back on track. Changing my thoughts and beliefs to realize that happiness is non-negotiable, practicing taking things less personally, setting boundaries, and most importantly seeking out support from trusted friends, family and colleagues, and coaches. This may seem like a lot, but in actuality each was just a simple choice that took a few minutes each day and I was able to gain the clarity and rejuvenation again in order to create a foundation for a new internal home to start 2022 with positivity, discipline and hope. Sometimes these efforts were difficult to muster, but I kept at it. When added up these actions have had an enormous positive impact on my mindset, well-being, and resilience. 

No matter who you are, or your situation, we all have the ability to find a new path, or build a more solid foundation for home within. We can get back to center with these simple choices, and realize that realizing our thoughts are not facts, and that we can change them in the moment to feel better, and back to center. Like many of us, we are feeling fatigued by the pandemic, and our sense of safety in , question, and like many of us we can lose our footing, get off our path, and lose our connection to our inner power, creativity, especially during times of change, transition, and stress. The past year and a half has certainly proven to be a challenge for us all where we have lost a physical sense of connection to others, and our communities, and have had to redefine how to take care of the relationships, especially  with ourselves. It may feel that we have been off our path for days, years, or may have never felt quite home because we have operated on how we think we should, either personally, or professionally, or both. However, we have operated, we always have the opportunity to get back onto a path home, especially during times that are uncharted. It may not be the path we originally thought, but all have the ability to reorient our mindset,  find new pathways to a feeling place that brings us back to ourselves, a sense of safety that is grounded and centered.

Asking these questions can help ground, and get you focused and aligned with what truly matters to you. This about about believing you are worthy, finding self love and acceptance no matter where you are, and believing that you CAN find the strength, and have the support to take 100% responsibility for yourself to cultivate the mindset and take actions in pragmatic ways every day, week and month until you realize your own ReSoul Revolution.

  • •  What are your intentions to create for yourself for this year?
  • •  What do you desire and how can you implement them into goals for this year?
  • •  What is your action plan and discipline can you create to actualize your intentions, goals and resolutions each day?
  • •  Who can help support and keep you accountable, and how can you be that for another?

Know That:

  • • Revolutions are the end result you are aiming for and made up of intentions
  • • Goals are incremental, simple steps each day to help you move forward towards what you want to feel, and achieve.
  • • Your ReSoul Revolution ™ is are the on-going discipline that helps you to create the end result.
  • • If you get off track, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on it, step by step.

For Example:

If your intention is to bring more of what you value and enjoy in your life more, the goal may be to not overwork, and beat yourself up through negative self talk. And the revolution would be to create the discipline to do one thing that brings you joy, and to state three things you are grateful for each day. First, you set an intention. Then you create micro-goals each day, and schedule them. Then you develop habits. Then you have an on-going practice and it becomes your revolution. Then it simply becomes your new and improved foundation for your home within.

When we feel angst, off center, experience anxiety, or depression, or general feelings of “dis-ease”, these are often signals that our feelings are trying to tell us to come home, we are off our path with our unproductive thoughts that are untrue, and not helpful. Rather than beating ourselves up, and wishing we felt differently, we can find self-compassion and acceptance of ourselves so we are able to view our feeling state as an opportunity to reflect and recreate a path to come home. We then build a new home, foundation, or new feeling place, which is better than the “old home” by shifting our paradigm of thinking and feeling. Each home has a pathway to get there, and is dependent on each person’s unique set of experiences, beliefs, desires, and values, which can evolve and change over time. Allowing the change, and surrendering to what has been an old path that does not bring you home, can open up new pathways for centeredness, joy, and inspired action.

Some Helpful Questions to Start Your Self-Revolution:

  • • What are the things that bring your joy?  
  • • When do I feel my best, and what situations do I feel most at ease?
  • • What are your values (versus someone else’s)?
  • • How do you want to contribute to the world, in your life and work?
  • • What are the things that you can let go of, and find yourself doing out of obligation?
  • • Where do you give up your power and what new boundaries can you set for yourself?
  • • What negative self-talk do I have? How can you clean up your words by eliminating thoughts of “what is wrong with me”? “I can’t”? “I don’t want to feel…” to be more positive like “I strive to…, I can…, I want…”
  • • What time of day is best to carve out consistent self reflection, review the above questions, and hone in on your discipline?

No matter who you are, embrace your humanness. We all can lose our connection to our inner power, creativity and purpose, especially during times of change, transition, and stress. The great news is that we have the ability to get back on track with simple steps.The past couple of years have certainly proven to be a challenge where we have lost a physical sense of connection to others, and our communities, and redefine how to take care of the relationships we have, and especially with ourselves. It may feel that we have been off our path for days, years, or may have never felt quite home because we have operated on how we think we should, either personally, or professionally, or both. However, we have operated, we always have the opportunity to get back onto a path home, especially during times that are uncharted. It may not be the path we originally thought, but we can reorient our mindset to find new pathways towards a feeling place that brings us back to feeling safe, grounded, and centered.

 We can do this as often as we need, and no matter who you are, we can leverage these times of getting off our path and use them as opportunities to feel and create what we deeply desire in order to build a stronger foundation to navigate life. Creating consistent and intentional moments for recalibration through reflection, getting into nature, self-care and compassion, is a discipline that takes minutes to create each day. You DO have the freedom and strength to be, do, think, and feel in a way that best supports you, and your home, even when you feel most stuck, or paralyzed in a way of thinking or feeling. You have the ability to find your center through times that are difficult, and in conflict with people who think otherwise. Know you are worthy, you’re perspectives matter, and do everything you can to take care of yourself. Getting off your path is always an opportunity to build a new, and improved home within, and one that is aligned, and unique to you.

I would love to support you to find alternative routes to come home and to navigate change and stress with more ease and confidence. Together we can create your ReSoul Revolution ™ to come home within.