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Inspiring and successful people tend to possess certain attributes that are developed over time with support and belief in themselves. They come to know their WHY and their purpose, and are able to tell their story with authenticity and ease. They possess a positive and resilient mindset, an authentic presence, and the ability to communicate a compelling vision for their teams and organization, and they know how to prioritize effectively based on what is truly important, versus a false sense of urgency. They have the confidence in themselves and ability to develop deeply connected relationships that motivate others to do their best work. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to position yourself for true authentic success from inside out, build on your own gifts and strengths, and elevate your skills to become a conscious leader who others will want to follow. This workshop series helps participants develop and explore the “soft skills” necessary for success and help to build engaged motivated individuals, cohesive teams, and happy, healthy corporate cultures. The format is a safe learning environment for discussion and practice, using tools and methodologies that helps to shift mindsets, re-ignite career passion, and help participants to learn to be effective and inspirational in their work, and in the world.


  • …Have you been sabotaging your own success and engaging in too much negative self-talk?
  • … Are you paralyzed with worry, fear, and anxiety?
  • …Have you been isolating yourself and avoiding asking others for support?
  • …Have you been experiencing physical symptoms related to stress?

…Do you often expect the worst outcome?

Your mindset is the lens through which you view yourself, your work, and your life. A negative mindset is a fertile ground for feeling paralyzed or off balance. A positive mindset, however, creates momentum, opens doors, and helps make your vision become reality. In this workshop, you’ll explore how your mindset shapes every aspect of your life–including your physical health–and learn tools to radically shift your mindset from fearful to fearless.


  • …Are you afraid to stand out and be your best self?
  • …Do you downgrade your talents and feel uncomfortable accepting praise?
  • …Do you doubt your abilities and lack the confidence to take risks?
  • …Do you compare yourself to others and define your success by family, friends, or colleagues?
  • …Do you constantly worry about what others think, even though you know deep down what is right for you?

Confidence and trust are the core foundations of any relationship—especially the one you have with yourself. Part of building confidence and trust in yourself is being honest about your strengths and what you truly want in life and work, regardless of what others think of your decisions. In this workshop, you’ll take an honest look at what it means to live authentically, identify belief systems that create insecurity and fear, and build the skills required to rise up to your full potential.


  • …Are you unclear about how to leverage your strengths and skills and translate them into your career?
  • …Are you still searching for a career that feels right to you?
  • …Are you feeling stuck in your career but don’t know how to make a change?
  • …Have you been laid off or fired and feel rejected or victimized?
  • …Do you continue to experience the same negative patterns in your roles at work?

A good map can lead to a great treasure. Your career path requires a great map to lead you towards its treasure: the fulfilling career you’ve envisioned. Sometimes your path has twists and turns and you need a way to get back on track. And sometimes you’ve completely lost your way. This workshop is designed to help you map out a direction for your career, identify clear next steps, and provide strategies to help you stay on course.


  • …Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, and confused about what’s truly important?
  • …Is the quality of your work suffering?
  • …Are you afraid to set boundaries and ask for what you need?
  • …Do you find yourself resenting others?
  • …Do you struggle to take time for yourself and do the things that make you happy?

Feeling productive, creative, and focused is difficult when you don’t know what’s truly important and what’s being driven by a false sense of urgency. Prioritizing all of your tasks can bring clarity to the chaos, enable you to work at the highest levels, and help you avoid burnout. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to prioritize effectively by balancing your core values with others’ needs, set clear expectations, and create healthy boundaries. This work creates space to do more of what you love so that fear and anxiety make way for calm, strength, and focus.


  • …Do you struggle to articulate to others your WHY (purpose), values, strengths, passions, and career goals?
  • …Do you feel like people don’t understand the core essence of who you are personally or professionally?
  • …Do you feel caught off guard when asked to describe yourself, your work experience, or your goals?
  • …Do you want to be able to tell others your unique story in an engaging way?
  • …Are you getting the results you want from your resume or social networks?

You’ve done the work to determine your strengths, values, and your purpose. But do you know how to communicate them in a way that feels authentic to you? Developing a brand that feels true to you is about telling your story. It’s about describing the “why” of what you do in the world. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to tell your story in an efficient yet compelling way, whether you’re speaking with a potential employer or writing your resume.


  • …Do you find yourself regretting what you say?
  • …Do you often feel at a loss for the right words to say?
  • …Do you have difficulty making effective requests?
  • …Do you avoid providing feedback, or hate receiving it?
  • …Do you feel prepared to have “crucial conversations” when emotions and stakes are high?

Communicating clearly at work has a profound effect on your job performance and professional relationships, especially when emotions and stakes are high. Effective communication is a learned skill and is more complex than simply saying the right thing at the right time. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to combine elements of skillful communication such as word choice, presence, active listening, and language structure to gain the results that you want when the pressure is on.

If you or your organization would like to schedule or customize a workshop, then click on the link below.

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