What Is Happiness?

What is happiness? From the beginning of time, I have always been curious about what makes me, (or one) happy, and have done a lot of research on the topic. Oftentimes, we seek something outside of ourselves, and say things like, “When this happens, then I will be happy”. After years of reflection through my own places of darkness, and then times when I was truly happy, I realized that happiness comes from inside out. Not, outside in. When I focused on being happy on the future, or my happiness depended on people, or situations, happiness was short lived.

The times that I am most consistently happy is when I have these components in my life.

• Practicing gratitude Finding my “tribe”
• Clarity on purpose
• Knowing that I am connected to something bigger than myself this through meditation, and being in nature

All of this takes intention and discipline. Every.Single.Day. But once you create this practice, it gets easier, and you literally change the brain by building the muscle to be happy to the core.

I would love to help!