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Virtual or in-person group coaching and leadership circles are for individuals and leaders who work for companies fueled by a progressive, collaborative, and creative company culture and who seek to support mental wellness, engagement and impact for themselves, or their team. Now, more than ever, as we are working remotely, we need to feel connected, build a community and support with one another, and make make an impact, while taking care of ourselves, and our organizations.

Group Coaching programs and leadership circles help participants to explore and discuss topics while being coached in a group situation. This allows for a safe learning environment for discussion and practice, leveraging tools, exploring methodologies, and setting a framework to help shift mindset, re-ignite career passion, and help participants be effective and thrive in our new normal, as well as to be conscious leaders. The methodologies leverages neuroscience to ensure sustainable behavioral change that can be taken and used in day-to-day situations. This is fun, interactive and creates a network and a community between participants, and also allows for people to learn from one another and become accountable to each other for their growth. Any individual, team, or group of people who want to learn and grow, and have a support along the way, can benefit from these sessions.


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Group Coaching and Leadership Circle Topics.

Leading and Working Effectively in a Virtual Environment The time is now to start shifting your culture to not just survive but thrive in the virtual work environment. There doesn’t have to be a trade-off between the flexibility of working from home and having an engaging work culture. If you can equip your leaders to do this well, you will see your business quickly pivot as needed to stay productive and relevant in your market. You’ll see the talent shine both in the people you have today, and in the employees you’ll be able to attract in the future.

In this session you will learn to:

  • …Shape culture, show empathy, and generate trust in a virtual environment.
  • …Adapt to a new paradigm of communication, networking and visibility, and how we do work.
  • …Empower, delegate, and focus on results (without micro-managing!).
  • …Build highly effective synergistic teams who value and respect different situations and ways of working.
  • …Create equity and balance across distributed teams, while keeping accountability and impact for work.
  • …Overcome challenges inherent to hiring and on-boarding new talent remotely.

Mastering Mindset and Staying Present—Understanding how and when to shift mindset and remaining relaxed, calm, and confident through change and stressful situations can make, or break success personally and professionally. Facets Coaching provides the experience, compassion, skill set, tools and accountability to help to develop a presence that is authentic and that exudes ease and confidence.

In this session you will learn to:

  • …Manage anxiety effectively and have crucial conversations.
  • …Be aware of triggers that cause emotional stress and how to shift them.
  • …Think clearly and being articulate your thoughts succinctly.
  • …Be aware of how you come across to others.
  • …Have the impact and influence to motivate and inspire others.
  • …Be intentional about approach, word choice, and tone.
  • …Handle crucial conversations and negotiation with ease and success.
  • …Communicate with integrity, honesty and authenticity.
  • …Understand and read your audience effectively.
  • …Manage effectively through organizational change.

Conscious Leadership and Inspiring Others—Inspiring and conscious leaders tend to possess certain traits: a positive mindset, an authentic presence, and the ability to communicate a compelling vision for the organization. These traits inspire trust and motivate others to do their best work. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to position yourself for a leadership role, build on your own gifts as a leader, and elevate your skills to become a leader that others will want to follow.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this session is for you.

  • …Do you want to move into a leadership position but don’t know how?
  • …Do you long to make a greater impact, inspire others, and create sustainable change?
  • …Have you been promoted into a leadership position but lack the confidence or experience to lead effectively?
  • …Do you want to improve your team performance and receive better feedback?
  • …Do you know what it takes to be a highly effective leader?
  • …Do you know your leadership style?

Managing Career Transition and Navigating ChangeChange knocks us off balance. But because change is a constant in life, it’s important to adapt and bounce back as quickly as possible. In this workshop, you’ll learn the three ways people adapt to change and discover specific techniques for staying resilient and productive no matter how great the change is or how fast it comes at you. Do you have trouble articulating yourself when under pressure?

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this session is for you.

  • …Do you have a hard time navigating change?
  • …Do your emotions affect your ability to make decisions and take positive action when faced with change?
  • …Do you experience shortness of breath, a racing heart, a flushed face, or other physical symptoms in times of stress?
  • …Do you struggle with feeling resilient in times of change?
  • – Do you resist learning new processes or procedures?

The ReSoul Revolution: ReSoul and ReSurge TM — is an experience and opportunity to write your own story, drive your own bus, become intentional in your life and career. By doing the work, you make an impact on each person you engage with, serving as an inspiration for others to do the same, bringing consciousness into the world. You will learn the practices and tools to help you begin this journey of transformation. The ReSoul Revolution TM Journey: ReSoul and ReSurge is a powerful experience during which you will have the support, focus, and freedom from distractions to think about your life and career in a different way with a community of like-minded people who foster your growth and champion your vision.

This session is for you if you want to:

  • …Develop a resilient mindset to help you navigate through life’s challenges and live more soulfully, more meaningfully, and stay grounded and centered.
  • …Move from feeling burned out, stuck in old patterns, and overwhelmed to feeling energetic, focused, confident and motivated.
  • …Gain clarity on your purpose, your core values, your vision for what is next personally and professionally, and develop a map to  get there.
  • …Find deeper fulfillment and freedom in your work and life with plenty of energy to thrive.
  • …Develop core confidence to take inspired action and to realize your dream of doing something great.
  • …Serve as a model and inspiration to your family, community, and the world.

Living Your PurposeBeing deeply connected to your purpose, core values, and gifts provides a sense of meaning—of soul—in your life and work and creates a new self-revolution. It’s about describing the “WHY” of what you do in the world. When you come to know who you are and what you truly want, paralysis turns to effortless action, and confusion gives way to greater clarity. Success becomes something that you define for yourself rather than something society imposes on you. In this workshop, you’ll identify your strengths, values, and purpose, and explore how to use this foundation to create a fulfilling life that inspires.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this session is for you.

  • …Does your work feel soulless or purposeless?
  • …Have you lost touch with who you truly are and what you value?
  • …Do you know what you do best?
  • …Do you know what gives you energy and what drains you?
  • …Do you long for something different but don’t know what it is or how to achieve it?

Discover your Facets and Execute on a Career Path—A good map can lead to great treasure. Your career path requires a great map to lead you towards its treasure: the fulfilling career you’ve envisioned. Sometimes your path has twists and turns and you need a way to get back on track. And sometimes you’ve completely lost your way.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this session is for you.

  • …Are you unclear about how to leverage your strengths and skills and translate them into your career?
  • …Are you still searching for a career that feels right to you?
  • …Are you feeling stuck in your career but don’t know how to make a change?
  • …Have you been laid off or fired and feel rejected or victimized?
  • …Do you continue to experience the same negative patterns in your roles at work?

Developing Your Core Confidence—Confidence and trust are the core foundations of any relationship—especially the one you have with yourself. Part of building confidence and trust in yourself is being honest about your strengths and what you truly want in life and work, regardless of what others think of your decisions. In this workshop, you’ll take an honest look at what it means to live authentically, identify belief systems that create insecurity and fear, and build the skills required to rise up to your full potential.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this session is for you.

  • …Are you afraid to stand out and be your best self?
  • …Do you downgrade your talents and feel uncomfortable accepting praise?
  • …Do you doubt your abilities and lack the confidence to take risks?
  • …Do you compare yourself to others and define your success by family, friends, or colleagues?
  • …Do you constantly worry about what others think, even though you know deep down what is right for you?

Healthy Prioritization as a Non-NegotiableFeeling productive, creative, and focused is difficult when you don’t know what’s truly important and what’s being driven by a false sense of urgency. Prioritizing all of your tasks can bring clarity to the chaos, enable you to work at the highest levels, and help you avoid burnout. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to prioritize effectively by balancing your core values with others’ needs, set clear expectations, and create healthy boundaries. This work creates space to do more of what you love so that fear and anxiety make way for calm, strength, and focus.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this workshop is for you.

  • …Do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, and confused about what’s truly important?
  • …Is the quality of your work suffering?
  • …Are you afraid to set boundaries and ask for what you need?
  • …Do you find yourself resenting others?
  • …Do you struggle to take time for yourself and do the things that make you happy?

Mindful CommunicationCommunicating clearly at work has a profound effect on your job performance and professional relationships, especially when emotions and stakes are high. Effective communication is a learned skill and is more complex than simply saying the right thing at the right time. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to combine elements of skillful communication such as word choice, presence, active listening, and language structure to gain the results that you want when the pressure is on.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this workshop is for you.

  • …Do you find yourself regretting what you say?
  • …Do you often feel at a loss for the right words to say?
  • …Do you have difficulty making effective requests?
  • …Do you avoid providing feedback?
  • …Do you feel prepared to have “crucial conversations” when emotions and stakes are high?

Develop Your Authentic Style and Stay True To YourselfYou’ve done the work to determine your strengths, values, and your purpose. But do you know how to communicate them in a way that feels authentic to you? Developing a brand that feels true to yourself is about telling your story. It’s about describing the “WHY” of what you do in the world. In this workshop you’ll learn how to tell your story in an efficient yet compelling way, whether you’re speaking with a potential employer or writing your resume.

Do you ask yourself these questions? Then this workshop is for you.

  • …Do you struggle to articulate to others your values, strengths, passions, and career goals?
  • …Do you have a hard time telling an authentic story with ease and confidence?
  • …Do you feel like people don’t understand the core essence of who you are personally or professionally?
  • …Do you feel caught off guard when asked to describe yourself, your work experience, or your goals?
  • …Do you want to be able to tell others your unique story in an engaging way?
  • …Are you getting the results you want from your resume or social networks?

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