Managing The Spiral: From Negativity to Joy

This dragon fly visited me while doing yoga on my patio yesterday. I had to stop, and capture the moment. The dragon fly was a reminder of beauty, transformation and resilience. Our reality in life, work, and the challenges we face can seem insurmountable, which creates a heaviness, that if left on its own prohibits creation, focus, joy, and impact.  

Many of us may feel weary of this journey. To most, the question of "why" and "how can I find joy in all of this," causing further feelings of frustration, fear, and overwhelm.

A spiral of negative thought (“chaos in our minds”) creates a momentum when we focus on outside disruptions, and we allow the thoughts to continue without conscious interruption. But there is a remedy. One small shift to different thought, can start a new experience, and positive mindset. Some will say “that does not work” and that forces and situations beyond us control our thoughts and experiences. But WE control our experience and response to the forces, and we are in choice in how we think about them.  

If you haven’t felt your own joy and peace for a while, it is time you did because you are stronger and better for others, as well as being contagious and inspirational others. Give yourself permission to feel hope, positivity and joy. Do not feel guilty because we are in an unprecedented time in our history. As Viktor Frankel did, an author of over 39 books and most noted for his best-selling book Man’s Search for Meaningbased his experiences in various Nazi concentration camps. He is a great example of how joy, peace and happiness are still deep within you, and still is available even when feeling the insurmountable, and how building resilience and a positive mindset can get you through most anything, even with new gifts and clarity. Allow its opportunity to shine. Observe your body, thoughts and emotions. Savor this viewpoint and bring it forward every day to shift your mindset.

The heavy reality can blind us to the joy you still own. You can interrupt the spiral, even if you are muck in the of negativity and overwhelm, you can always take a small movement in the moment to appreciate beauty. The relief of such a moment will inspire you to take it farther until you are grounded, centered and reminded of how nature is resilient with its beauty, and withstands. Nurture this feeling. This awareness of your own energy and the beauty of it, joy can be found.

Create joy from within. ReSoul and ReSurge, individually and collectively we can create new Revolution, a new mindset, a movement. Grab onto this, and create your path.

• You can still find joy within you with every moment.

• It is still there, I promise, we all have it.

• Take the time each day to look and feel it closely.

• It is our responsibility to feel connected, renewed, and reoriented to continuing moving forward. Then we are better for ourselves, families, jobs, and the world. Together we can do this.

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