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Facets Coaching believes that every person has the potential to create a story of transformation about their life that’s so great, it serves as an inspiration and model to family, community, an organization, and the world. We support our community with care, expertise and proven methodologies so you can continue growing your career while working consciously from anywhere.


Facets Coaching maintains a trusted, honest partnerships that are completely confidential. No matter who you are or your situation, there is no judgement. Our relationships are long term, deeply connected, and impactful.


Facets Coaching values  diverse and unique perspectives, and people who are introspective, seeking to develop a resilient mindset, to grow and learn from challenges, and are wanting to make a difference in the world. We work with the whole person and want you to shine, be YOU and proud about your life and achievements, as a leader at home and at work.


Facets Coaching provides s support and a safe space, while creating accountability and an objective perspective to move forward. It takes courage to practice fearlessness every day. It takes discipline and focus to create long-term behavioral Change. It’s how we take on the worthwhile challenges, and grow together in the process.

ABOUT + Philosophy + EXPERIENCE.

In these paradigm shifting times of healing and truth, Rachel Salzberg, CEO of Facets Coaching strives to put humanity back into business, providing guidance that helps create beautiful opportunities around an individual’s or team’s gifts and talents. She helps people to recognize their inherent abilities, nurture and let them shine so they can impact others and the world. Rachel has helped to develop people at many leading organizations — showing individuals, leaders, groups, and organizations how to gain self-awareness, overcome obstacles, and develop meaningful and purposeful lives and cultures.

Rachel has always been deeply curious about the unique facets of inspirational, confident, and purpose-driven human beings, and how they developed the mindset and courage to build resilience in life and work. She has studied neuroscience and the mindsets of these people, has worked with, and coached, 100’s of inspirational people who know what meaningful success looks, and feels like: It feels like freedom; like being in the flow; like honoring every facet of the soul. They make every decision based on what’s true to them; They take the lead in their life and live according to what they believe in, rather than what’s expected. Rachel is passionate about developing conscious leaders, helping people to think outside the box, and to shift perspectives so that they can experience success, and lead extraordinary lives. She has developed state of the art methodologies, that leverages neuroscience, design thinking, as well as relying on her professional insight. 

Through deep study of herself, and of inspirational and purpose-driven conscious leaders, Rachel understands the relationship between thoughts and beliefs and how they impact mindset, purpose, clarity, and confidence, and the decisions and actions we make in life. Rachel is a graduate of a top ICF accredited coaching program, holds an MBA, and 20+ years working in organizations, in order to inform her work, and is passionate about speaking to audiences on conscious leadership, developing a resilient mindset, and how to define purpose in life and career.

Through this knowledge, being a life-long learner, and her passion and discipline, she has created a platform for her coaching, leadership development programs, workshops, and retreats. The framework makes way for sustainable, positive change. Rachel has worked with 100’s of people in companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and many small, to medium size companies, nationally.

It was through Rachel’s own experiences with self-doubt, and had many challenges and adversities thrown her way, including layoffs, sickness, divorce, unexpected deaths, she developed resilience and learned and grew from these experiences. She decided she was done being a victim of these situations, and developed confidence, hope, and positivity despite these circumstances, and have created a life of purpose, joy, and freedom. As she found her path, she wanted to help others in their life and career to develop the unshakeable mindset to move through life’s challenges, develop the courage and confidence to live out their passion and purpose, and to help develop conscious, purpose driven leaders.

Rachel leads a life that incorporates health, yoga, purposeful travel and is passionate about nature and the outdoors. This lifestyle parallels the discipline and values in her professional life. She understands the profound importance of effective and healthy leadership. Being in nature and travel require passion, courage, and collaboration. These experiences also address physical and intellectual challenges that create new perspectives and the confidence to overcome obstacles that life throws at us. 

Rachel often speaks to corporate audiences, is passionate about women and leadership, leads retreats and workshops for a variety of individuals, leaders, groups, and organizations.