The Time and Need for Empowerment is Here

The time and need for empowerment is here. We need to be reinventing ourselves and learn to be the leaders needed in our new way of being, our “new normal”.

This article I read recently by the Dalai Lama reminded me that we need some structure for ourselves around how to be leaders in today’s world. At the end of the day this comes down to mindset, purpose, compassion, and confidence to take inspired action. We can apply this to our business and organizations.

Here are the pillars to live by in order to be empowered leaders of others, or of your own life:

1. It’s a non-negotiable now. BE YOU, lead by example and model that to others.
2. Learn alongside your team, be compassionate to others’ growth and journey.
3. Embrace and live your passion, know how you want to contribute to the world.
4. Be honest and vulnerable, share your pain, shame, and growth.
5. Be a solution seeker, versus being a victim to uncertainty and fear.

I strive to live by these pillars every day. Be that model we need in this world.