We need to be reinventing ourselves and learn to be the leaders needed in our new way of being, our "new normal".

Find a New Story, Release, Focus & Discipline

For the past month, I would wake up to this view every morning and as summer comes to an end, I have been contemplating the idea of TRANSITION, internally and externally. Between change of season, kids back in school (and at home), the apprehension of being indoors again due to COVID and now fires, getting your head around seeking a new role, or finding a new job, can be daunting to think about. It is easy to get overwhelmed, spiral down, lost in this transition with fear, worry, anxiety, and feeling paralyzed. 

To move through, and forward takes developing the mindset muscle of resilience. You do not have to go it alone, and can do this by focusing on these areas:

1. NEW STORY. We come to new clarities by surrendering to fear, limiting beliefs and letting go of what no longer serves, so that your new story can be written, personally and professionally. 

2. RELEASING. Surrender to all the gripping behavioral patterns and mindsets that hold you back, or keep you stuck. Release, let go, and be open to a new way of being.

3. FOCUS AND DISCIPLINE. Your positive thoughts and feelings around this transition will become your focus and the foundation for your resilient and curious mindset. This new discipline will be the carrier of change for you to help write the new story ahead.

Become the author of your best life. Together, we can create a roadmap to move through transition with more confidence and ease, and create a new story to take action upon. Let’s chat!