Workshops and Retreats Overview

Change is Inevitable. THRIVING IS A CHOICE.

Virtual, or in person growth workshops and retreats are for individuals, or companies fueled by a progressive, collaborative, and creative company culture and seek to support mental wellness, engagement, and impact for themselves, or their team. Now, more than ever, as we are working virtually, we need to feel connected, synergistic, and make make impact, while taking care of ourselves, and our team.  Facets Coaching believes that every person has the potential to create a story of transformation about their life that’s so great, it serves as an inspiration and model to family, community, an organization, and the world. By each person doing the work, we create a movement of consciousness that permeates and inspires others to do the same. It is our mission to help people be their best selves, and to be a catalyst for transformation, especially in this new normal.

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Workshops and Retreat FORMAT

Facets Coaching designs and creates workshops, and retreats that help participants explore how to develop a positive and resilient mindset through exploring how the brain works, and the relationship between thoughts, and beliefs that block success. Facets Coaching helps participants to shift their mindset, define and articulate purpose by exploring what truly drives them. With this clarity, comes the confidence to take inspired action, and execute on a path, to collaborate, and make impact. Whether for and individual, group, or organization, the format is a series of workshops that creates a space to get people out of their day-to-day lives by helping them to focus without distraction. The format also provides an environment that promotes new perspectives and insights, and helps to push people out of their “comfort zone”.

The sessions provide a safe learning environment for discussion and practice, using tools and methodologies, created by Facets Coaching. The methodologies leverages neuroscience and ensure sustainable behavioral change, personally and professionally. The format is interactive, and helps to create a community and network between participants, allowing individuals to learn from one another, develop accountability, and creates a common language for people to support each other to transform. Any team, group of people in an organization, who need to collaborate, can benefit from the workshops. As we go on these journey’s together, we share stories, personal insights, and participate in group exercises and experiences. The activities are meant to push participants out of their comfort zone in a way of thinking and being, which creates new perspectives to explore, and reflect. These transformative experiences turn into a discipline that participants take away into day to day work, and life.



  1. When being a part of a structured space toward transformation these elements are apart of the journey. Bringing these elements together will radically increase the likelihood of a life-changing journey. These experiences are filled with the unknown, chance encounters, trials and revelations, and breakthrough experiences that challenge us psychologically, yet somehow leaving us yearning to continue the journey, individually, and collectively. This is what we will do together:
  2. Pause And Reflect: Develop consciousness of the thoughts and belief systems that run unconsciously in the background. The goal is to stop unconsciously playing out the narrative and story you’ve created and to start developing new belief systems that truly align with who you are, and a new story. There are many practices that can help you become aware of the stories that limit you: The daily discipline of mindfulness, journaling and visualization, thoughtful conversations through coaching, and self-care. Once you identify those stories, write them down. Ask which ones are serving you and which ones are no longer working.
  4. Reorient For Redirection: Purpose and Meaning is imagination nurtured and developed. Create a clear vision of the essence of how you want to live out your life. Know where you are going before you get started. A vision is a story of how you want to live now and in the future. What are the elements of the vision. What are you doing? How does it support your dreams, talents and gifts? A vision is dreaming big, and working backwards to get there. It’s a new identity. A transformation of self, and life. When shaping your vision, make sure it’s full of purpose and meaning, your values and your natural strengths. It’s not enough to say “I’m starting a million dollar company.” That’s a legitimate goal, but it’s not the essence of your vision , or your WHY. A better vision would be “I want to help people raise their level of consciousness in order to be their best selves and be amazing leaders of the world.” Your WHY keeps you going every day, and you prevent others from moving you off your path, because this is the essence of YOU. There is no comparison to you.
  5. Focus and Attention: Focus only on what you can control. Your thoughts and how you respond to situations. If a human, you’re going to face challenges and setbacks. When you do, focus solely on your thoughts, actions, attitude, and effort, which are solely under your control. Pause, Reset, Reorient and interrupt the fight or flight response that we feel are the result of external forces outside of your control. It’s also easy to focus on situations, or people and become victims to allow them to hold us back. We all do it. But Victor Frankl captured the key lesson that all of us should remember: “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”
  6. Focus and Discipline Good feelings mean you are in alignment. Bad feelings means that you are in conflict with who you are and what you think you should do. Feelings are guidance, Create a discipline to transform your narrative through thoughts and feelings, in order to clear decisions, and dreams real. This becomes the core of whom you are and changes your “operating system. Don’t just tell yourself “be confident.” That will only cause frustration and defeat. Start with small goals that create a discipline of an believing in yourself every day. This shifts to a growth mindset and creates a new habit and pattern of behavior to believe and respond differently. Do something each day that pushes your inner chicken. Tune out the noise, but also listen. While operating from your own internal radar, don’t completely block out criticism or the voices of others, and be discerning of others’ projections of their own experiences on you. Look at contrast as an opportunity to inform what you want, versus what you do not want. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Test the concepts. Continuing to be confident independent of people or situations enables you to tune out the noise.
  7. Clarity For Action: Take Inspired Action for Infinite Possibility. Making a decision is also action. Inspired action allows you to move you forward with your WHY. Inspired action is the ultimate form of movement. Do something each day that is part of the new you. Visualize, practice the new you, and feel your transformation, internally and externally start to happen.


“I’ve learned how to step out of chaos to gain insight/perspective.”

“I’m seeing new possibilities for increased collaboration.”

“I’m learning to connect my work with my values.”

“I’m able to put increased focus on what’s truly important.”

“I’m able to identify and initiate missing conversations.”

“I’m re-energized and re-engaged at work.”

“I realize how much I need to schedule in time to step out of the chaos to plan, gain insight and perspective.  I’ve made an appointment with myself to do that next week and asked my colleague to hold me accountable.”

“I’m seeing new possibilities for increased collaboration which will make my work more robust.”

“I’m totally re-energized.”

“I’m seeing how my evening call with our Asian office connected me to my value of connecting with others.  I immediately felt better about this late evening call and was able to be totally present and engaged.”

“I’m more committed to making time for what’s truly important.”

“I now see trust not as just something that is there or not but as something I can actively build.”

“I’ve gained some skills to help me focus on outcomes and not take things personally.”

“I learned nobody can make changes for me but me.”

If you, or your organization would like schedule, or customize a workshop, then click click on the link below.