Slow down. Look up. You never know what inspiration you might find.

Do you forget to slow down and take a moment to reflect on what truly drives you, what you care about, and HOW you can incorporate this into life, and career? We often don’t take the incremental time to go within with intention and purpose. As a result, we can feel that life has swept us up and we can feel empty, soulless and unfulfilled. But if you develop the practice to quiet your mind for a few minutes every day, you will be amazed at the clarity you will come to find so you can live a life and develop a career in a way that truly moves you. In turn, making a difference for others.  I am truly grateful for the people, leaders and coaches in my life who not only have helped me do this and have also inspired me to help others do the same.

Set time for these small moments and use them as an opportunity to set intentions for what you want to create. If you don’t know yet what drives you then it is helpful to focus on HOW you want to feel. To do this means delving into what makes you tick, what you believe, what you value, and what life truly means for you. Here are some questions that will help you get there:

  • Who are you beneath the surface?
  • How would you describe yourself when you feel your best?
  • What roles do tend play, or let go of, and what roles do you want to play?
  • Which parts of your life matter most to you? Which parts of your life and career do you tolerate?
  • What do you treasure and care about most in life and career?
  • Where do your efforts feeling in alignment and flow easily, where do you feel stuck, or you are pushing up steam?
  • Where do you want your efforts to lead you?

Mindfulness is stopping to notice you and, slowing down everyday to reflect. Write about what comes to you. Let your inquiry be heartfelt. Pose yourself the questions and let them mull, allow time for the answers to come, let them be revealed in the everyday moments and keep track of them. Soon it will become clear and each day you will be inspired to create a micro-goal that will move you forward with intention and purpose. You will look back at the incremental steps taken and be amazed at the positive impact it has had on your life and career.

You don’t have to go it alone.