Elements for a Resilient Mindset



In these paradigm shifting times, it’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ in old patterns in how we respond to change and uncertainty. If you’re feeling self-doubt, lack of clarity, fear and anxiety, and experiencing the same patterns in your life that continue to elicit draining emotions, or situations that are not ideal, then it is time to PAUSE, Reset, Reorient, Reinvent. We all need tools to help us find our way — As leaders, or aspiring leaders, in our own life, or career, we won’t get very far if we don’t stop, go deep within, create consciousness to unblock limiting beliefs and triggers, and then develop a discipline to change our internal programming to manage through life with confidence, ease, and clarity. The narrative we tell ourselves shapes our beliefs, identities, physiology and health, dreams, and experiences, and sets the parameters for what we navigate, and achieve, positively, or negativelyIf your well-being and mindset is overly influenced and dependent on external situations or people, then you limit what’s possible for yourself, and remain disempowered in your choice to respond effectively. Instead of taking action based on what is true to you, you remain unconscious, reactive, or paralyzed and tied to others to make you feel good, or bad. 

We all have the ability — and the responsibility — to disrupt negative thoughts and stories and create responses and choices that are conscious, and productive, and that produce a resilient mindset. Those who develop resilience have come from diverse backgrounds and situations, have had incredible set backs, worked in a variety of industries, and they all had something in common: They have learned to recreate and reorient their mindset, in order to flourish personally, and professionally. They’re able to tune out the noise, and focus on taking responsibility for their own choices, thoughts, and actions, and derive their sense of self from within. They look inside out for validation and confidence, versus outside in. They have created a discipline to shift their mindset, accomplish their dreams, and develop the resilience to grow, learn and change. Facets Coaching will help you get there with tools and state-of-the-art methodologies that makes way to develop a resilient mindset to navigate change and uncertainty with confidence and ease, and achieve the clarity to take action for positive change.



Pause and Reflect

Reorient with Imagination

Focus Your Attention 

Practice and Discipline

Clarity for Action

Pause and Reflect: Developing awareness of the thoughts and belief systems that run in the background and how  how they impact how you feel, physically, and mentally, is critical for skills needed to develop in order to shift your mindset. It is fairly simple. When you are feeling good, physically, or mentally, then you have positive thoughts, and belief systems that align with your true potential. When you are feeling badly and any sort of negative emotion about yourself, or a particular situation, then there is a thought pattern that is not productive, or true, and that diminishes yourself and your potential. 

By creating awareness, and changing your thoughts, you put yourself back in power, versus reacting, consciously or unconsciously. If you are in a state of negativity, self doubt, fear, frustration, or anger, then it is time to pause and reflect in order to stop unconsciously playing out the narrative, and to start developing thoughts that reprogram the brain and shift mindset to being open, curious, hopeful, and positive, so that you can take action from this perspective. New ideas and insights, and opportunities arise from this place.  There are many practices that can help you become aware of the stories that limit you: Prioritization of the daily discipline of mindfulness, journaling and visualization, thoughtful conversations through coaching, and, creativity and self-care. Once you identify the stories that keep you in a negative state, write them down. Ask which ones are serving you, and which ones are no longer working.

Reorient with Imagination: Imagination, when nurtured and developed, becomes your reality. Leveraging and eliciting a feeling place and the essence of how you want to feel and be, is a great way to not only shift your mindset, but also to change your world. Doing this takes defining and articulating your values and purpose, as well as getting clear on your natural talents and gifts, helping to ground and center you. You feel and imagine your potential and therefore open yourself to new opportunities to move forward with positivity and resilience.  When knocked off track, your imagination of this reality brings you back home to self. 

Visualizing, and feeling your purpose and how you feel when you are in your flow with confidence and creativity everyday, creates a vision of how you want to move through life and respond to situations now, and in the future. Your imagination aligned with your purpose keeps you going, and you prevents others, or situations from moving you off your path because this is the essence of YOU. There is no comparison to you.

Focus Your Attention: Wherever you put your focus, whether on a person or a situation, you are growing and feeding it. The great news is that we can control thoughts and how we respond to situations. As human beings, we all face challenges and setbacks. When you learn to have control over your thoughts and what you chose to focus on, then you can redirect attention to thoughts that are productive, grounding, and empowering. This is present awareness and takes practice and discipline to pause, reset, reorient your attention to interrupt thoughts that trigger you into a fight or flight response. Victor Frankl captured the key lesson that all of us should remember: “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”

Practice and Discipline: Create a discipline to transform your narrative and how you feel, physically and mentally  in order to make your decisions clear, and make your dreams real. This becomes the core of whom you are and changes your “operating system. Don’t just tell yourself to “be confident.” That will only cause frustration and defeat. Start with small goals that create a discipline of believing in yourself every day. This shift of mindset creates a new habit and pattern of behavior enabling you to believe and respond differently, which in turn creates a new paradigm. Do something each day that pushes your inner chicken. Tune out the noise, but also listen. While operating from your own internal radar, don’t completely block out criticism or the voices of others, and be discerning of others’ projections of their own experiences on you. Look at contrast as an opportunity to inform what you want, versus what you do not want. Iterate, iterate, iterate. Test the concepts. Continuing to be confident independent of people or situations enables you to tune out the noise.

Clarity for Action: Taking action based on hope, positivity, trust and belief in yourself, and having the expectation of a positive outcome, comes from having a resilient mindset. Even if the outcome is not what you expected, there is growth and learning that comes from taking action, when aligned with a positive, productive way of thinking and believing. Making a decision to think and be different, is also action. Inspired action allows you to move you forward with your vision and is the ultimate form of movement. Do something each day that is part of the new you. Visualize, and feel your transformation, both internally and externally, start to happen. Then you shift a new paradigm and create your new way of being.

Workshop Format

These series of workshops provides a safe learning environment for discussion and practice, using tools and methodologies that help people to shift and develop resilient mindsets, navigate change and uncertainty, and learn to be effective and inspirational leaders. This series is a fun, interactive, experiential scenario that helps to create a community and a network between participants, allows individuals to learn from one another, develop accountability, and creates a common language for people to support one another to shift and transform. Any team, group of people in an organization, or a start-up environment who need to collaborate, can benefit from this series.

In each session, we provide you with the tools, frameworks, and methods you need to create deep behavioral change to overcome obstacles and to transform. As we go through the process together, we will share stories, personal insights, and participate in group exercises. You’ll do activities that help you explore, reflect  and push you out of your comfort zone. These methodologies and frameworks turn into a discipline that you take away in your day-to-day work and personal life.


If you or your organization would like to schedule or customize a workshop, then click on the link below.

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