Individual Coaching


Develop the self-awareness and mindset necessary for growth and resilience and to navigate change with ease and confidence.

Develop the discipline, focus, and awareness to be highly effective, conscious leaders who lead with empathy and compassion, and execute on priorities that align with values and business needs.

  • Build authentic, interpersonal relationships, create visibility for self, adapt and have success working remotely, or running a virtual team in our new normal.

Have clarity on career direction and an action plan to transition into the next chapter of life or career with meaning and purpose. 

HOW WE DO IT. Consciousness. Actions. Results.

The coaching programs are intended for individual contributors, managers, and leaders across a variety of roles, industries and disciplines. Whether in technology or education, marketing, finance, or healthcare, you are “human” and on the same playing field when we address and focus on universal topics such as self- awareness, interpersonal skills, and defining success in a way that allows for a purpose-driven life, and career, that help you make a positive impact in the world. Topics such as job transition, managing through organizational change, developing interpersonal and communication skills, identifying obstacles and creating a plan to navigate, giving and receiving feedback effectively, motivating and inspiring others, building confidence and trust in self and with others, effective prioritization, as well as identifying and leveraging passion, purpose and strengths to be successful in career and life, are all elements of success.

When you work with Facets, you begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent capabilities. You receive the tools to release the past, create beneficial habits that create deep behavioral change, and are fully supported along the way. And you get encouragement and professional insight, methodologies and framework every step of the way.


A personalized coaching program tailored to your specific needs, including a platform that outlines trends, goals and intended outcomes of our coaching engagement.

Unlimited access to Rachel in between sessions. Life does not happen predictably. 

  • Private twice-monthly one-hour sessions, for a minimum of 10 sessions, to check on your progress, discuss new insights and address any challenges.
  • Proprietary methodology, tools, framework, practices and exercises to help create the desired, break-through results for mindset shift using neuroscience and an approach to get there.

Goal setting and deliverables that help you reach your highest potential, that create deep, sustainable, behavioral change.

Facets Coaching incorporates a variety of state-of-the art coaching models and philosophies that focus on the energetic and emotional aspects identifying persistent issues that prevent individuals and organizations from reaching their full potential. During the process there is continuous evaluation and mutual feedback. As your coach, I help you identify your blind spots, overcome your self-imposed obstacles, and fulfill your true potential.


  • …Upfront investment of $6,000 for 10 sessions, over a 6-month period OR $1500 per month for six months
  • …1-hour sessions (meeting weekly or bi-weekly via video, phone, or in person)
  • …Unlimited access to Rachel in between sessions
  • …Proprietary methodology and framework, tools and exercises
  • …Goal setting and deliverables

…Flexible payment options available

Coaching Timeline


Session 1: Getting to know you. I will spend 60 minutes asking you a myriad of questions about all areas of your life to get the full picture of your current situation. Clients have said these questions teach them so much about themselves in just one session.

Session 2: Offering a program. After taking some time to assess and plan, I will present you with the proposed purpose and outcomes of our coaching engagement together. This includes a clear articulation of the shift that needs to be made in terms that will give you a fresh perspective on your journey. I will then offer a preliminary practice and exercise for you to take on to begin creating that shift, and together we’ll discuss ways to stick to doing them.


  • Sessions 3-10: Providing ongoing support. Every hour-long session will begin with you sharing your progress, including any insights gained and obstacles encountered. I will then offer additional practices and exercises to maintain your momentum or refocus your efforts as needed. I will also help you reframe challenges that arise to see them in a new light, as indications of your opportunities for continued growth. As your coach, I help you identify your blind spots, overcome your self-imposed obstacles, and fulfill your true potential.


  • Taking a break. The initial program is 10 sessions over a period of 5-6 months. Upon completion, we will reflect  on where you were when you began and where you are now, drawing attention to the shift you’ve created for yourself. Now is your chance to revel in the rewards of your hard work.


Extending your program. Once our engagement comes to a close, you may choose to continue working with me or end there. The decision is yours, if you renew, together we will identify a new issue to tackle, and the cycle will begin again. 

Let’s get underway. Email me to share a bit about what you’re grappling with and how you hope I can help. We’ll go from there.

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