Last year while in Mexico (oh how nice that sounds right now), I was exploring and came across this tiny little outdoor restaurant with the entry way that had the word YES painted on a pink pillar.

I stopped, and contemplated what YES meant from me. I believe that saying YES is an art that can be learned, and is also about believing in yourself to realize your potential despite the resistance you have felt in the past. Whether it be fear, self-doubt, or allowing someone else to convince you to say “NO, I cannot do this, it’s not practical, you don’t have the background or skills to succeed”. This self-talk or other’s own projections, keep us stuck if we continue to believe them.

Saying YES is deciding to allow yourself to shine, to realize your potential by trying, and taking steps forward toward your dreams. The best gift is learning about yourself, even with setbacks, you have tried and can redirect by continuing to move toward the best YOU, growing and evolving along the way. Let 2021 be about saying YES, and surprising yourself with the courage, resilience, and the realizing of your potential. Say YES to the new paradigm, and the extraordinary. You don’t have to go it alone.