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What We Do Together

Unstick big business challenges

Create purpose-driven, diverse, and collaborative cultures.



Facets Coaching helps people to develop a resilient mindset by strengthening the muscle and discipline to reorient to conscious thought, leading to intentional action in order to overcome life’s challenges, navigate change and uncertainty, and make decisions from a centered place.



 Facets Coaching brings heads and hearts together across groups, teams and organizations to ensure there are common values, purpose and community that have measurable impact.



Facets Coaching helps develop conscious leaders who can operate authentically, lead with transparency, and are committed to do their own growth to expand their self-awareness and ability to serve. They’re tuned into themselves, their mission and their community, and use their business as a tool for personal, spiritual, and professional growth. They empower teams and individuals to courageously build their life’s work, in line with core business initiatives. 

How We Do it. Conscious. Actions. Results.

The more conscious that you are…

The more clarity there is to take actions…

That produce results aligned with purpose, values, and strengths…

Expand the observer that you are – The way you see the world – and you will have greater choices for action and possibilities as you aim for the results you want to create in your life.

Approach and Philosophy: Diverse Perspectives. Diverse Challenges. Resilient Mindset.

Rachel Salzberg, CEO of Facets Coaching has worked with hundreds of people, who come from different backgrounds, and experiences, have worked in a variety of industries, yet the all have something in common; They have had incredible challenges and have overcome and learned from them and have developed a resilient mindset. They learned and developed the discipline to reorient mindset in order to overcome life’s challenges, navigate change and uncertainty, and have developed a sense of purpose and clarity to take inspired action for positive, sustainable change, both personally, and professionally. They have learned to tune out the noise, and focus on taking responsibility for their own choices, thoughts, and actions, and derive their sense of self-self from within. They look inside for validation and confidence, versus outside for approval. Their discipline and practice for a resilient mindset inspire them to learn, grow, learn and change. Rachel has a developed methodology and framework to develop a resilient mindset, and conscious, purpose-driven leaders, in life and career. She is passionate about neuroscience, and brings science-based, performance-focused mindfulness into the mainstream of business


If you feel stuck in the same old patterns, getting the same outcome, and are looking to break free, try new things, advance in your career, build your dream, or to live out each day with more joy and positivity then try re-examining the stories you’re telling yourself. You will find where you are stuck and holding yourself back. Rewriting a new story will help you align your life with your deep desires that mesh with who you are, personally and professionally. Facets Coaching will help you get there with tools and state-of-the-art methodologies that make way for sustainable change happy, healthy, intentional careers and lives. You are always in choice to:

…Become conscious and inspiring leaders

…Create a sense of purpose and apply it to work and to life

…Collaborate and communicate authentically

…Shift mindset to overcome self-doubt, and quiet the inner critic

…Shine in career, and create the direction that is desired versus expected 

…Thrive during times of change and uncertainty

…Make more time for fun, and a holistic balanced life

…Redefine success based on your core values, purpose, passion and innate talents and gifts


Facets Coaching delivers impactful and comprehensive professional and leadership development programs. Facets Coaching draws on a variety of concepts, models and principles drawn from the behavioral sciences, management literature, spiritual traditions and/or the arts and humanities, combined with a formal, top accredited coaching program, and backed by an MBA and personal experiences in the corporate world. These concepts foster shifts in perspective, promote fresh insights, provide new frameworks for looking at opportunities and challenges, and energize and inspire the individual’s forward actions.

When you work with Facets, you begin to see your true self and recognize your inherent capabilities. You receive the tools to release the past, create more beneficial habits, build new skills, and seek support where needed. And you get encouragement, professional insight, methodologies and framework every step of the way. The progressive content and structure are built to be mindset-focused, reliant on neuroscience, and is highly applicable in both work and life, and focused on creating sustainable behavioral change. The Facets methodology uses a customized, and fluid approach based on the unique needs of an individual, group, or organization.

Sustainable behavioral CHANGE IS A PARADIGM SHIFT.

In these paradigm shifting times, it’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ in old patterns, or situations. If you’re feeling self-doubt, lack of clarity, fear, and anxiety, and you’re not sure why your career, and life are stalled, or the organization you lead is not built on trust or accountability, then it is time to PAUSE. Disrupt. Reset. Reorient. Reinvent. Only then can we create a new identify and reality, with infinite possibility. We all need tools to help us find our way — As leaders, in our own life, or career, we won’t get very far if we don’t stop, go deep within, create consciousness to unblock limiting beliefs, and then develop a plan for how to get from here, to there.

The stories we tell ourselves can shape our beliefs, identities, dreams, and experiences, and set the parameters for what we can achieve, positively, or negatively.

If your self talk (internal programming or paradigm developed over time as a result of experiences) is overly influenced by external situations or people, such as other’s opinions or societal pressures, then you limit what’s possible for yourself. Instead of taking action, you remain unconscious, reactive, or paralyzed. You may tell yourself things like, it’s too risky, or I’m not smart enough. Instead of striving for the career or role, you may think, I’m not qualified, I could never do that. If left unexamined, these stories can feel real, true, and keep you stuck and unhappy in your life, and your career.

We all have the ability — and the responsibility — to disrupt these negative thoughts and stories (an old paradigm) and create new ones, that are based on new belief systems that change our behaviors. Our own success depends on it, but so does how we impact and inspire others to do this same. This is contagious and ultimately makes the world a better place. This takes intention, awareness and discipline, every day to shift our thoughts into new behavioral patterns so we can create the life, and career we desire.

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