What Is The ReSoul Revolution?

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Rachel Salzberg, CEO Facets Coaching, Founder of the ReSoul Revolution Podcast shares her story about how she has managed her own mental health and setbacks, and developed resilience. Her experiences inspired her to launch The ReSoul Revolution podcast series. Rachel believes that every person has the potential to create a story of transformation about their life that’s so great, it serves as an inspiration, and model for family, community, and the world. The ReSoul Revolution podcast series is a platform, and voice for people to share their stories of adversities, how they overcame them, and found purpose through their experiences.

It is Rachel’s intent that through these stories that we share practices and tools to develop a resilient mindset, and illustrate how people embraced the beautiful tapestry of learning, growth, and opportunity that came from their challenges. It is with these tapestries that bring different perspectives and ideas, and inspirations. Rachel’s hope is for people to shift, transform, and resurge with brilliance to make a difference in the world. Listen to the podcast series and be a part of the ReSoul Revolution movement by supporting each other to find our voice, see our challenges as unique gifts, and opportunities, to make a difference in the world.