How Difficult Life Experiences Can Be Opportunities To Develop Resilience and Confidence.

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Episode 10: Developing Mindfulness and What it Means to be "Mindful" at Work. With Rachel Salzberg, CEO Facets Coaching, Founder of the ReSoul Revolution Podcast and Suneeta Bindal, Seasoned Technical Leader at Microsoft.

I am honored to interview Suneeta Bindal, a seasoned technical Leader at Microsoft who is passionate about building products using cloud technologies. She is experienced in leading cross functional teams and scaling to deliver cloud infrastructure solutions. Suneeta shares her journey about living in 26 different countries, prematurely losing both her parents, and how these experiences greatly impacted her leadership, vision and resilience. A period of depression in her life kicked off a deep self reflection, examination of her beliefs and values, and a commitment to self care, yoga and meditation. With these practices in place, she has come to be a highly effective leader in a fast paced, ever-changing environment. She is able to remain focused and committed to her mindfulness at work, set boundaries, and continue to be a leader that people aspire to be. Suneeta often leads networking programs to benefit women, and is passionate about mentoring and coaching others.

Tune in for the ReSoul Revolution podcast and listen to Suneeta’s story and the tools she shares to develop resilience .