The ReSoul Revolution: Tools to ReSoul, ReSurge and Live Resiliently, Purposefully and Confidently

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Episode 2: The ReSoul Revolution: Tools to ReSoul, ReSurge and live resiliently, purposefully and confidently. With Rachel Salzberg, CEO Facets Coaching, Founder of the ReSoul Revolution Podcast and Rachel Nussbaum, Founder & Creative Executive Producer at Specular.TV

In this episode Rachel Nussbaum Founder & Creative Executive Producer at Specular.tv interviews Rachel Salzberg, Founder of The ReSoul Revolution Podcast series. Rachel Salzberg shares the story of her own challenges with self-doubt, and how fear and trauma personally and professionally, impacted her mental health and manifested into anxiety and depression. She shares how she leveraged these experiences and turned them into growth opportunities, gifts and into a career helping others transform their lives, personally and professionally. Rachel shares tools to develop a resilient mindset, live a purpose-driven life, and how to develop core self confidence and take inspired action.  Rachel has always been deeply curious about the unique facets of inspirational, confident, and purpose-driven human beings, and how they developed the discipline and courage to build resilience in life and work. She has studied neuroscience and the mindsets of these people, has worked with, and coached, hundreds of inspirational people who know what meaningful success looks and feels like: It feels like freedom, like being in the flow, like honoring every facet of the soul. They make every decision based on what’s true to them. They take the lead in their life and live according to what they believe in, rather than what’s expected. Rachel understands the relationship between thoughts and beliefs and how they impact mindset, purpose, clarity, and confidence, and the decisions and actions we make in life. Rachel’s deep curiosity to learn and grow, connect with people, and hear how others developed a resilient mindset, propelled her to be a catalyst of transformation whereby creating The ReSoul Revolution Podcast Series and movement; a community for people to ReSoul and ReSurge, to share their stories of transformation and inspire others to develop resilience.