How to Develop the Discipline for a Leadership Mindset

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Episode 5: How to Develop the Discipline for a Leadership Mindset. With Rachel Salzberg, CEO Facets Coaching, Founder of the ReSoul Revolution Podcast and Denise Rundle, General Manager and Partner at Microsoft

Learn more about The ReSoul Revolution and Denise Rundle‘s story of how she has created a discipline to develop a resilient mindset, live purposefully and confidently. Through Denise’s 30 year career at Microsoft and being a high visibility leader, she lives by her values of being team-oriented, authentic, and is driven to make a lasting difference in the world. She believes strong leaders must operate from a place of service and must always have the courage to do what’s right, no matter how difficult. She develops leaders by driving performance and accountability, and helping them to develop a resilient mindset by being a model to her organization. She has a contagious passion and compassion for people. I hope that by listening, you will learn about some of the mindset tools that Denise incorporates into her day to day life, and how she stays grounded and centered, manages disruption and overwhelm during times of uncertainty and change. These are tools that we can all take into our lives day-to-day, remember that we are all human to have compassion for ourselves, and others so that we can effectively and lead and make the world a better place. 
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